A Beautiful Shoot for Ahmedabad

fashion photography ahmedabad

A Beautiful Shoot for Ahmedabad, We Shoot fashion photography for Asopalav in ahmedabad.


Model from : Inega Mariette Valsan
Make up & Hair : Mitesh (Inega)
Styling: Krishna Mukhi (Inega)
Photography by Madhu Vfx & Devansh Zaveri
Post Processing by Madhu Vfx & Team
Thanks to my team for being with me all the time

Flower Bazar

The days leading up to a photoshoot are always buzzing with anticipation. The ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for so long are finally released with the first click of the shutter when that vision appears on screen. However, From the Flower Market fashion photoshoot is never eazy place. But, We ready to photoshoot in local flower market in Ahmedabad.

My Team :-

Designer: Nandibodwala
Model: Petra,
Mua: Munna_Jahil,
Child: Helio,
Styling en creative: harshad.fshn,
Correction: Nanda
Stylist: liberation, spacious designing

Beauty & Highfashion Photography in Ahmedabad

Beauty & Highfashion Photography By Madhu VFX Photography

I started shooting beauty back in 2001. I was always drawn to all of the beauty advertisements I would see in magazines and I loved looking at the photos in the cosmetics aisles at the grocery store and Target.

For Beauty, I mostly use a Beauty Dish or a deep Umbrella because they can give me an overall soft look with well defined shadows. I sometimes use a 7” Silver Reflector if I want a really harsh beauty shot. I rarely use natural light because with Beauty I want my images to be very sharp and I want the products that I’m showcasing to be clearly shown. That sharpness I think is best executed using some sort of flash.











MODELS : Petra , Mua

Designer : Nency bodawala

MAKEUP & HAIR : Himali vaidya

STYLING CREATIVE : Harshad,  Fshn, Retouch

Atip Faan Fashion photography

Fashion photography is all about clothes and beauty, so pull all the elements of the scene and the model together to reflect this. For example if the shoot focuses on the clothes– use make-up and hair styling to compliment the garment – and vice versa.  If you desire a provocative or seductive look opt for dark, heavy make-up and over styled hair; alternatively for an innocent or natural feel choose subdued pastel tones, gentle make up and soft flowing hair styles.  Unusual looking folk bring interest and personality to the piece, whereas female models with large almond eyes, big lips, small chins and symmetrical faces are deemed “more commercial”.




SHOT BY : Madhu Vfx
LABEL : Atip Faan
MODELS : MARIAM , Vedika Vyas, Vedika Vyas
ASST STYLIST : Kitty Kittiya Duangpolon
Retouched : Rahul Nanda.