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Beauty & Highfashion Photography By Madhu VFX Photography

I started shooting beauty back in 2001. I was always drawn to all of the beauty advertisements I would see in magazines and I loved looking at the photos in the cosmetics aisles at the grocery store and Target.

For Beauty, I mostly use a Beauty Dish or a deep Umbrella because they can give me an overall soft look with well defined shadows. I sometimes use a 7” Silver Reflector if I want a really harsh beauty shot. I rarely use natural light because with Beauty I want my images to be very sharp and I want the products that I’m showcasing to be clearly shown. That sharpness I think is best executed using some sort of flash.











MODELS : Petra , Mua

Designer : Nency bodawala

MAKEUP & HAIR : Himali vaidya

STYLING CREATIVE : Harshad,  Fshn, Retouch

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Ahmedabad Photography is provide Best Fashion Photoshoot in Ahmedabad. Our professional photographer Teams and During this period of time, he shared and expanded his knowledge and understanding at the same time. He carved his talent for 5 years and reached a point where he can.

Madhu VFX Photography started his career as a faculty of photography and currently working as a Fashion Photographer in Ahmedabad.

“Fashion is something only some gifted eyes can see while the rest of others may see only ordinary photographs” says Madhu when asked about fashion photography.


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